RedSocks Malicious Threat Detection is best understood through a demonstration. Beside showing you the technology we will work with you and your team on determine the best way you can compliment  your security architecture  with our solution.

POC – Proof of concept

Over a 2-4 week period, RedSocks Security will scan  your network’s activity in real time, and detect in-progress threats or anomalies that you would not otherwise know about.

Just complete the short form on the right and we will be in touch with you to arrange a convenient date and time.

Learn how by using the RedSocksMTD can your organisation

  • Simplify and trigger faster the incident response process
  • Automate the SIEM/Threat intelligence correlation analytics. T1 Alert helps SOC team prfioritize
  • Enhance existing on premise prevention products
  • Become technically compliant with EU GDPR Regulations
  • Implement state of the art detection system as  a Hardware or a Software or As a Service

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